How to Start a Dewalt Pressure Washer

Dewalt is another brand of pressure washers that never compromises on quality. When you buy a unit from Dewalt, you are sure of its sturdiness. You can move it around and can rely on it during tough jobs.

The company offers washing solutions for both residential as well as commercial purposes. Also, you can get portable solutions in the form of gas-powered washers and those with limited movement as electric washers.

How to Start a Dewalt Pressure Washer

Unsurprisingly, starting the gas-powered washer is much more difficult than starting the other kind. But if you learn how to start a Dewalt pressure washer before commencing the feat; you will be in a more advantageous position. So, how to start a Dewalt pressure washer?

Let’s learn the process of starting the gas-powered Dewalt pressure washer.

Safety Measures

Before you start the process, ensure that you are using the washer in the safest conditions. Beware; the washer can cause physical or property damage if it’s not used with care. Here are a few measures that should always be considered while using a gas-powered washer.

Safety Measures for a Dewalt pressure washer
  1. Don’t use this washer indoors. The area should be open and ventilated. Carbon monoxide emits from the machine while fueling and is highly toxic. If consumed even for a few minutes, it can kill humans. Do not depend on fans or windows to get rid of this gas.
  2. Only use the fuel that contains less than 10% of ethanol.
  3. Never use the machine if you can attend to the instructions. If you are under the influence of drugs or are tired, you should avoid using them. Also, children shouldn’t use it.
  4. Maintain proper footing while operating it and locate the unit in a leveled space. Take special care while pulling the starter cord to avoid the risk of kickback. Keep the washing activity away from other humans and animals. Also, don’t point the jet at yourself it may have enough pressure to cause amputation.
  5. Carefully clean the oil and fuel spillage as letting the oil stay outside the fuel tank can cause a risk of fire. Don’t use flammables in the detergent tank. Don’t ignite flame near the operating area. Its emitted gases can catch fire.
  6. You should never try to fill the fuel tank when the engine is running or is hot after it. Let it cool down before you refill. Never use hoses to pull the washer. Always use its handle to pull it to the required destination.
  7. Use proper gear. You should be wearing safety gloves, goggles, and footwear. Also, avoid loose clothing and jewelry that can get tangled with the machine and cause bodily harm.

Things You Might Need

To start the washer, you will need:

  • Dewalt Pressure Washer
  • Water supply, and
  • Fuel.

Preparing the Machine

Before you fuel that machine or run the water supply to wash, you have to assemble the different parts of this machine. Start with assembling the hoses to complete the water movement.

To connect the water supply, you first have to get rid of air trapped within the garden hose. You do it by simply allowing some water to flow from it. After that, connect the hose with the water inlet. Unless you are using a hot water pressure washer, you should be using a cold water supply to attach to your washer.

Make sure that the water supply gives enough pressure to keep up with the pressure of the unit. And also prevent backflow if you are connecting the washer with the potable water system.

Now, connect the trigger gun with the spray wand on one side and the high-pressure hose on the other side. This hose will, in turn, connect the hose with the water outlet in the washer using the quick connect feature.

You can now select the nozzle depending on the operation you want to carry out. If you want to get rid of hard stains from tough surfaces, you can choose a cutting nozzle that has a 0° angle and gives the highest pressure. For milder cleaning tasks, choose a nozzle with a narrower angle.

Now is the time to release air pressure from the high-pressure hose. You can do this by pulling the trigger on the trigger gun. Release the pressure until you get a steady stream from the spray wand.

Fueling and Oiling

Before you start the engine, you should check if it’s properly fueled and oiled or not. You should check the gasoline requirement for the washer you are using and fill it up to it.

Make sure that you only add gasoline when the machine is cooled.

Check through the sight glass. The oil should be reaching the dot. If it’s below that, oil the oil fill plug. Only use the oil recommended by the Dewalt.

Starting the Engine

A young man washing his car using a pressure washer

Now you have added fuel to the tank, you can start the engine.

To do so, you first have to release the pressure built up within the high-pressure hose. Then turn the Kill switch on.

The next step is to slide the lever that protects the fuel from reaching the motor to right. Then close the choke. We do this by sliding the choke lever to the right allowing the engine to warm up.

Slowly, pull the cord until you feel resistance, and then use both hands to pull it rigorously. If the engine doesn’t start within two pulls, it may have flooded. You should let it rest for a few minutes before retrying.

When it’s time to start the engine again, release water pressure from the high-pressure hose before pulling the cord.

Kickback and Precautions

Note that the engine of a gas-powered pressure washer needs to be started by pulling the starter cord. Pulling the cord can result in kickback which can cause hand or arm injury. So, you should attend to the action with complete presence of mind and observe the right procedure to prevent kickback.

Other than using both hands to pull the cord, you should also take care to maintain proper footing while starting it. If you maintain your balance, the cord’s chances of pulling you towards it are minimized.


There can be various reasons behind the engine that doesn’t start. You should check if it’s properly fueled and oiled.

You may fail at starting it if its kill switch is turned Off. Switch it On before pulling the cord. Or the fuel valve can be closed preventing the fuel to reach the motor. You would want to open this valve to complete the path.

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In Conclusion

Starting the Dewalt gas-powered pressure washer is more complicated than operating the electric one. But if you are careful enough, you can not only easily start it but can become a safe and risk-less procedure.

This post explains how to start a Dewalt pressure washer in detail together with the reasons that may be preventing the engine from starting.


Q. How to start a Dewalt electric pressure washer?

A. Starting the electric models of Dewalt pressure washers is easy. You start with assembling the unit including its hoses, wand, and water supply using the process outlined for the gas-powered washer. Then, you connect the power cord with an adequate outlet. And switch on the washer after releasing pressure from the high-pressure hose.

Q. Are gas-powered pressure washers better than electric ones?

A. Gas-powered washers are better if you want more durability and portability. If your concern is the ease of use, you should go with the electric ones.

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