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Top 10 Best Dual Co2 Regulator To Buy (Our Recommendations)

Dual System 2 Stage CO2 Pressure Regulator For Draft Beer Regulators and Kombucha Set Ups. Connect 2 Systems to 1 Tank. CGA-320 Connection

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SizeDual Keg CO2 Regulator (CGA-320 Inlet)

Hilangsan Co2 Regulator Beer Keg Regulator Dual Body Keg Co2 Regulator Dual Stages Kegerator Regulator CGA320 Co2 Tank Regulator Constant Co2 Pressure Regulator Draft Beer Regulator with Hose Clamps

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  • [Hold Constant Pressure & No Leak]Hilangsan two-stage kegerator co2 regulator reduces the high pressure in two steps for maintaining the constant output pressure. Heavy-duty chrome-plated brass construction would last for years with no rust and no leakage. A professional CO2 regulator for draft beer dispenser systems.
  • [Easy-to-Adjust Knob & Safety Relief Valve]Knurled adjustment knobs of the co2 beer regulator are easy to grip and turn for precise fine-tuning CO2 levels from 0-60psi. The shut-off valve can be closed only by turning 90°, no need to turn multiple turns. The pressure relief valve will automatically release the keg pressure at 50psi pressure for safety (not a leak).
  • [Precise and Clear Gauges]The top two gauges(0-60psi) have an appropriate scale range to allow for precise fine-tuning of keg pressure while avoiding damage to the gauges from overpressure. The left gauge (0-3000psi) is convenient for monitoring the amount of CO2 in the tank at any time. The shockproof case can protect the gauges, making the gauges more durable.
  • [Dual Body CO2 Regulator]The co2 keg regulator has 2 separate output pressure gauges and adjustment knobs that allow the pressure of each beer line to be set independently. Perfect for multiple drafts with different serving pressures. The standard CGA-320 inlet fit the USA CO2 tank with CGA-320 fitting. Welded O.D.5/16" barbs are suitable for 5/16" beer lines, no leakage.
  • [Reliable Service] 2-year warranty and lifetime technical support. We are committed to providing you with quality products and services, please feel free to tell us if any problems, and we would try our best to satisfy you.

SPARC Premium Dual Output CO2 Regulator CGA320 2YR USA Warranty Beer Kombucha

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as of April 5, 2023 8:58 pm


  • EASY INSTALLATION ✔ All you need to install this CO2 Pressure Regulator is an adjustable wrench. Each unit is supplied with 2 O-ring washers. Always place a washer between the lock-down nut and the tank to ensure a tight seal.
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE ✔ This CO2 regulator fits all standard CO2 tanks with CGA-320 inlets. You can adjust the working pressure on both outputs via individual control knobs in the front. Gas Shut Off Valve for easy keg/tank swaps. Safety pressure relief valve (PRV) / and individual shutoff valves on each output.
  • VERSATILE APPLICATIONS ✔ Works with 15.5 Gallon Kegs, 5 Gallon Kegs, 1.75 Mini Kegs, Half Barrels and Quarter Barrel Units. Barbed gas outlet fittings included for 5/16" through 3/8" hoses and tubing, allowing for an easy connection to many gas line types.
  • HEAVY DUTY WITH TRIPLE GAUGES ✔ SPARC 2 Stage CO2 Pressure Regulators are a heavy duty piece made with triple gauges to accurately measure working pressure in 2 systems simultaneously and 1 gauge showing CO2 tank pressure. 0-3000PSI input pressure (gauge reads 0-3500PSI) and 0-60PSI output pressure (gauge reads 0-80PSI).
  • WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK ✔ Backed by our rock-solid 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects. We are based out of Denver, CO and offer customer service and support via phone, text, and e-mail.

Taprite T752HP Two Product Dual Pressure Kegerator CO2 Regulator

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as of April 5, 2023 8:58 pm


  • Large easy adjusting knob to increase or decrease delivery pressure
  • Each regulator has a sentry shut-down safety built into the body that instantly protects the dispensing system in the unlikely event of regulator failure
  • Outlet features shut-off with back flow check valve and 5/16" I.D. hose barb nipple
  • Permanent quad-ring seal on inlet nipple helps eliminate leaks, no need to use a fiber washer each time tanks are changed
  • Blow-off is factory set at 55-65 psig

FZONE Pro Series Aquarium Dual Stage CO2 Regulator Adjustable Output Pressure with DC Solenoid and Integrated High Precision Needle Valve and Bubble Counter

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  • Dual stage construction & adjustable output pressure. Dual stage construction provides stable output pressure regardless of how much CO2 gas remains inside the CO2 cylinder, eliminating unpredictable catastrophes such as an end-of-tank-dump (EoTD). The output pressure is adjustable from 0-65 PSI based on customers’ different needs.
  • Modular manifold block design. Two manifold blocks are included. Each block comes with its own high-precision needle valve and can be operated independently. You may use one block for one aquarium or use both for two aquariums.
  • Safety and precision in mind. Our regulator has a built-in safety valve. It will open automatically to release the pressure when it exceeds 100 PSI. The integrated needle valve is precise. The CO2 output can be adjusted to as low as 1 bubble every 3 seconds.
  • Solenoid runs on 12V DC instead of conventional 120V AC. This regulator adapts to 12V DC, which is more stable and consumes less power. The solenoid is safe to touch and is very quiet. This solenoid is designed to work with an automatic timer.
  • Attention. Suitable for North American CO2 cylinder with CGA320 adapter! Installation tools are included.

Dual Product Premium Pro Series Dual Gauge Co2 Beer Regulator, Chrome, Home Brewing Two Product Keg Kegerator CO2 Regulator -Y Style

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  • Operation: manual adjustment button
  • Ball Valve Size- 5/16" Hose Barb x 1/4" mnpt
  • Pressure:Integral Safety pressure relief valve releases at 45 PSI
  • Pro Series Dual Output Double Gauge Regulator pressurizes two kegs at once
  • High quality, high performance

Kegco 3PLHU5DB CO2 Regulator, Two Product, Chrome

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  • Kegco's 3PLHU5DB Elite Series CO2 Regulator's dual body design allows you to connect and dispense two different kegs at different pressures using the same CO2 tank
  • Modern design pressure gauges feature high-contrast red and white writing and sturdy rubber boots
  • Ergonomic handles make it easy to make precise temperature adjustments between 0-60 PSI
  • Durably constructed chrome-plated brass construction features manual pressure release valves and internal pressure relief valves that release pressure at 55-65 PSI
  • Built-in tank washer prevents leaks while a metal filter built into the stem keeps harmful contaminants out of the regulator

Kegco Elite Series Dual Gauge CO2 Draft Beer Regulator, 2 Product, Chrome

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  • This regulator's two product design with two 5/16" barbs allows you to simultaneously dispense two beer kegs at the same pressure
  • Dual pressure gauges allow you to monitor both the output pressure to the kegs and the volume of CO2 gas remaining in the cylinder
  • Stylish black pressure gauges feature high-contrast red and white writing and sturdy rubber boots that help protect them from damage
  • Large ergonomic handle makes it easy to make precise pressure adjustments between 0-60 PSI for greater dispensing control
  • Durable chrome-plated brass body features a manual pressure release valve and an internal pressure relief valve that releases at 55-65 PSI

Co2 Beer Regulator, Dual Body, Three Gauge, Taprite Brand by Kegconnection

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  • Poly carbonate Bonnet will not chip, break or fade. BONUS: Kegconnection adds an Additional ONE year warranty.)
  • Individual shut off valves allow you to switch on/off each CO2 line
  • Made in the USA Taprite Regulator has one-0-2000 gauge measures CO2 in tank and 0-60 gauges measure pressure to each keg
  • This regulator allows you to tap two kegs at the same time and control the pressure to each keg

Kegco Premium Commercial Grade Dual Gauge Two Product CO2 Draft Beer Regulator

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as of April 5, 2023 8:58 pm


  • This commercial-grade two product CO2 regulator features a multi-stage body that gives you more precise control when making small adjustments to the output pressure
  • The first stage reduces the output pressure from the tank to a more manageable pressure, and the second stage fine tunes that pressure for output to the keg
  • This allows pressure adjustments to be optimized for the operational range - the large adjustment knob requires less than 360 degrees of rotation for the entire range, affording extreme precision of the output pressure
  • Added benefits include less pressure to the gauges and knob, making adjustment effortless even at freezing temperatures and reducing stress on the gauges
  • Two product design allows you to simultaneously dispense two beer kegs at the same pressure

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