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10 Best Current Regulator To Buy (Our Recommendations)

DC DC Buck Boost Converter Variable Voltage Regulator CC CV 0.5-30V 4A 5V 6V 12V 24V Power Module Adjustable Voltage Regulated Laboratory Power Supply

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  • input voltage range is DC 5-30V; output voltage range is DC 0.5-30V, can be arbitrary adjustable; output current can be 3A for long term use, if enhance heat dissipation, it can reach 4A; max output power is 35W, if enhance dissipation, it can reach 50W
  • LCD displays input/output voltage, output current/output power/output capacity/output time.The module can be set to ON/OFF by default
  • Safe Protection: the module is with Anti-reverse connection protection of input end, so that it will not burn out when there is reverse connection.Anti-backflow protection at the output end. No need to add anti-backflow diode when charging. Multiple software protection mechanisms are available, and the protection threshold is adjustable. When the working parameters of the module exceed the protection threshold, the output will be automatically turned off
  • Application: the volt conversion board can be used as an ordinary buck/Boost module with over-current protection; used as a high-power LED constant current driver module; DIY a solar power controller, Battery Charging
  • Output ripple is small and πfilter is available.Thick heat sink .Buck-boost Integrated

DZS Elec DC-DC Step-Down Constant Current Regulator Module 4-38v Input to 1.25-36v Output Adjustable Large Power 5A 75W Converter for Charging or LED Driver Module

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  • 5A 75W large power, in addition to the function of current limit, voltage stabilizing and step-down, the module can also be used as a high power LED constant current driver module and charging module for the lithium battery of usb connector.
  • Two kinds of work mode: constant voltage and constant current. The red indicator light can show the current working status. Light up means constant voltage mode, light off means constant current mode.
  • With current limit, short circuit, over temperature protection, the module can not be burned out even if the output is short circuit, which is more safe. Please don't reverse connection at the input port, otherwise the module will be burned out.
  • Used as a charging module for lithium battery, blue light up means charging, blue light off and green light up means charging completed.
  • Owning two high precision voltage and current pontentiometers, rotate the screw to adjust output voltage and current.

2Pcs 400W 15A DC-DC Boost Converter Step Up Module, DC 8.5V-50V to DC10V-60V Constant Current Power Supply Module Voltage Regulator Constant Power Heat Sink Adjustable Module for Electric Product

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  • DC-DC step up Bboost converter module DC 8.5V to 50V input voltage, 10V to 60V continuously adjustable output voltage, 15A maximum input current, 12A maximum output current
  • The boost module has 2 heat sink that could enhance heat dissipation. When there is a big difference between input and output voltage, please decrease power and current.
  • The boost module input and output are designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection and disconnection.
  • 400 W DC to DC power module widely used for electric equipment, digital products, laptop and more. It can also be used as a driver for high power LED lights or voltage regulator for solar panels
  • It is designed with 75V/80A large current dual MOS tube. Input and output use high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor, low ripple, and gives a stable output.

DZS Elec DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Module 5.5-30V 12v to 0.5-30V 5v 24v Adjustable Step Down Up Voltage Regulator Constant Current Voltage 3A 35W Power Supply with LCD Display

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  • Adjustable step-down/up converter, Input Voltage: 5.5-30V, Output Voltage: 0.5-30V, Can be used for common boost and buck module with over current protection, adjustable battery charger, LED driver, etc
  • Power module limit constant current 0-4A arbitrary regulation, output 3A 35W for long time stable work, up to 4A 50W after enhancing heat dissipation.
  • LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): Can switch display input voltage, output voltage, output current, output power. Voltage Display Resolution: 0.05V, Current Display Resolution: 0.005A
  • Safety Protection: LC filter, small output ripple, input anti-reverse connection protection, will not burn down, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection.
  • Key Control: Short press IN/OUT to switch input and output voltage, long press to switch output current power. Short press ON/OFF to control output ON or OFF, long press to set the default output state ON or OFF.

2PCS XL6019 5A High Power Current DC to DC Step-up 5V 6V 12V 24V 3-35V to 5-40V XL6019 Converter Adjustable Voltage Regulator Power Modules Boost Module Booster

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  • Conventional Constant Voltage Output BOOST Fully Integrated Solutions, Integrated MOSFET, Fewer External Components, Smaller Cos System.
  • Wide voltage range input,the input voltage up to 35V; Output voltage is adjustable,supports up to 40V; Max current: 5A
  • Adjust the blue potentiometer knob (counter-clockwise general boost, buck clockwise rotation) and with a multimeter to monitor the output voltage reaches the required voltage.
  • Note:Input and Output must be connected correctly! Built-in over temperature protection, full set overcurrent protection circuit reliability, high reliability

Buck Boost Converter Adjustable Voltage Regulator DC 6V-36V to DC 0.6V-36V, Step Up Down Power Supply, Voltage Regulator Constant Current Reverse Protection Short Circuit Protection Regulator Module

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  • Buck boost converter input voltage range is DC6V-36V, adjust output voltage range is DC0.6V-36V,step by 0.01V, output current range is 0-5A,step by 0.001A, Which can display the power interface, Capacity interface,Voltage and current curves interface,system parameter setting interface.
  • Step up down power supply adjust converter 5 diaplay pages, input/out voltage(V), current (A), temperature (T), power (W), electric capacity (AH), electric quantity (WH), running time, voltage and current graph, system and power parameters.
  • Can flip or rotate voltage regulator display on this power supply unit, change the color of the background and parameters and switch the day/night display mode, allows to set volts and limit the current, power on off and accurate voltage setting return after power down.
  • Adjustable buck boost converter application: compact and powerful, on the go variable power supply or LED driver; DIY lab power supply.
  • The power supply step down converter support multiple functions.such as over-voltage protection,over-current protection,over-power protection,low-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, reverse protection, and short circuit protection, and so on.

DROK DC Buck Converter, 5.3V-32V to 1.2V-32V 12A Adjustable Power Supply, 5v 9v 12v 24V 30V 32V Step Down Voltage Regulator with LCD Display Volt Transformer Reducer CC CV for RV Solar Panel Golf Cart

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  • 【Parameter】 DROK Power Supply Module input volt range is DC 5.3-32V; Output volt range is DC 1.2-32V which is variable. Output current can reach to 8A and Output Power can reach to 120W for long-time use. If enhance heat dissipation, this converter can reach 12A and 160W output.
  • 【Characteristics】 This Buck Converter is equipped with LCD Display, Acrylic Case and Heat Sink. LCD Screen can display input/output voltage, output current and output power. Voltage precision is 0.05V, current precision is 0.005A. Acrylic case can keep the converter board away from dust, which is protective. Heat Sink can keep module 120W for long-time using in a low temperature. If you want to reach maximum power 160W, please improve heat dissipation.
  • 【Easy Operation】 A user manual will be included in package, which can help you easier to operate. The button can control ouput voltage ON/OFF status, and you can set the default output state is ON/OFF for the next time. The potentiometer can help you to adjust volt amp in a simple and fast way.
  • 【Protection】 It has reverse-connect protection, short circuit protection and over current protection. When you connect the input wire reversely or short circuit, the module will not burn. And roate the CC potentiometer to set over current protection value you want.
  • 【Application】 The volt conversion board can be used for 5v 6v 9v 12v 24V 30V 32V 3a 5a 10a devices, like solar panel, lab, experiment, RV, All-Terrain Vehicle, car, battery charger, LED stripes, etc.

BOJACK 10 Values 50 Pcs LM317 L7805 L7806 L7808 L7809 L7810 L7812 L7815 L7818 L7824 TO-220 Package High Current Positive Voltage Regulator Assortment Kit

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  • BOJACK 10 Values High Current Positive Voltage Regulator Assortment Kit.
  • Product Name: Positive Voltage Regulator
  • Model: 10 Values, Include: LM317T/1.5A, L7805/1.2A, L7806/1.2A, L7808/1.2A, L7809/1.2A, L7810/1.2A, L7812/1.2A, L7815/1.2A, L7818/1.2A, L7824/1.2A.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Package Quantity: 50pcs (Each model 5pcs), Packed in A Rugged Convenient Re-sealable Plastic Storage Case.

ANMBEST Constant Current CC CV Buck Converter Module DC 6-40V to 1.2-36V 20A 300W Adjustable Step Down Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module with Short Circuit Protection Function

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  • Anmbest buck converter input voltage range is DC 6-40V, adjustable output voltage range is DC 1.2-36V, can be used to convert 24v to 12v 5v, adjustable output current range is 0-20A, max output power is 300W. The step down regulator can apply to constant output current.
  • With a wide input voltage range from 6V to 40V, the step-down converter can accurately adjust output voltage and current. The efficiency can be up to 95%,(measured at 20A, converting 24V to 12V).
  • It is designed with 75V/80A large current dual MOS tube. Input and output use high frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor, low ripple, and gives a stable output. Wiring is convenient with these large current 30A screw terminals.
  • The buck module has 2 heat sink that could enhance heat dissipation. When there is a big difference between input and output voltage, please decrease power and current.
  • Application: Motors, audio, monitor, LED car display, air conditioner, fans, solar energy, photovoltaic energy, DVD, LED lights, pumps, industrial equipment appliances, etc.

DC Buck Module, DROK Adjustable Buck Converter Step Down Voltage Regulator 6V-32V 30V 24V 12V to 1.5-32V 5V 5A LCD Power Supply Volt Reducer Transformer Module Board with USB Port Protective Case

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  • PARAMETER --- Input voltage range DC 6V-32V; Output voltage DC 1.5V-32V; Max output current 5A, recommend use of within 4.5A; Max output power 75W, recommend use of within 50W.
  • GENERAL USE --- As ordinary step-down module with over-current protection; As constant current LED driver module; DIY a solar power controller, etc.
  • DISPLAY --- Large clear digital LCD display voltage & current value simultaneously.
  • FEATURES --- Constant current/voltage mode; Voltage calibration & current calibration; USB interface; Protective case; Short-circuit protection; Over-temperature protection; Input reverse connection protection.
  • NOTE --- 1). Output voltage is set as around 20V by default, if your input is lower than that, please turn potentiometer anticlockwise for 10 laps or more until voltage changes. 2). The case is packaged unassembled to avoid damage during transit. It needs to be manually installed. 3). Please carefully read the user’s manual, especially the “Cautions” before using. You can find the PDF Instructions on this page -- Product information -- Product guides and documents -- User Manual [PDF].

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