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10 Best AC Regulator To Buy (Our Recommendations)

Trail Tech 7003-AC01 Universal AC Voltage Regulator

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  • Improved Universal AC Voltage Regulator with Adjustable Output Universal AC Voltage Regulator limits voltage to 12.0-16.0 volts for AC systems
  • Conditions circuit to eliminate electrical spikes, protect from lamp blow-outs, and reduce flicker and dimming
  • "Dial-a-Brightness" allow you to adjust light output at the cost of lamp life for halogen and quartz lights
  • At 14+ VAC setting, the lamps will approach HID lumens (70 percent) but lamp life is short (good for racing); 25 hour lamp life

AC 110v 4000w Variable Fan Speed Controller, AC Motor Speed Controller, Variable Voltage Regulator Adjustable Voltage Controller High Power Dimmer Controller

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  • 【Product Parameters】This is a variable speed fan controller, input voltage: ac 110v-220v, output voltage: 10-110v (adjustable), max power: 4000w, max. Current: 18a, dimension: approx 4.53"*3.94"*2.36", weight:0.88lb, adjustable voltage range: 0 -110v.
  • 【Powerful Function】Powerful 4000w ac motor speed controller with variable thyristor and electronic voltage regulator. With universal socket and power supply light, and heat dissipation connector for quick heat dissipation.
  • 【High Quality】Adopting metal shell structure, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, not easy to rust. Core chip adopts high power thyristor. Which with adjustable button for stepless voltage regulation.
  • 【Safety Design】No delay, surge protection, anti-spike, rc absorption multiple protection. Input alternating current, the output is also alternating current, not direct current. This voltage controller product is a metal housing and must be securely earthed.
  • 【Applicable Electrical Appliances】Variable voltage regulator is suitable for electric stoves, water heaters, tungsten filament lamps, small motors, electric soldering irons, fan speed control, etc.

Mophorn Variable Transformer 2000VA 110V 60Hz Varic 0-230 Volt Adjustable Output Variable AC Voltage Regulator with Universal Plug Hole

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  • Built-In Cooper Coil: The voltage transformer is constructed with built-in copper coil for durability and high efficiency. More secure and durable and with no waveform distortion.
  • AC Power Supply Adjustable: This is a brand new variable power supply. Input is single phase 110V AC, 60 Hz, output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 130V AC. Maximum power rating is 2000 VA.
  • Compact & High Accuracy: Featuring clear voltage output meter, and precise metal pressure gauge, the ac power supply is designed with high grade accuracy and compact for easy transport.
  • 5 Security Protections: Featuring a high accuracy, reliability and perfect limit current protection, thermal protection, voltage overload protection, short-circuit protection. A grounding port designed onto the device for much more stable and secure protections.
  • Wide Application: Widely used for motor speed control, label printing machine, labs, test for railroad switching, power supplies, satellite, equipment, telecommunication equipment, etc.

Mophorn 2KVA Transformer Max 20 Amp Variable Transformer 0-130 Volt Output Variable AC Voltage Regulator for Industries Equipment Appliances

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  • Premium Quality: This voltage transformer with built-in high-quality pure copper coil, sufficient materials, good conductivity, strong impact resistance, constant use, stable operation, longer service life, and more durable.
  • High Precision: The variable AC voltage regulator adapts axle design, and the debugging is accurate, the voltage range is 0-130V. There is a User-friendly design, and users can adjust according to their own needs; the pointer dial, the scale display is more precise, the font is transparent and without fading, and it is safer to use.
  • Protective & Convenient: This variable power supply features over-voltage protection, higher safety, reliability, durability, independent switch, easy to use, and convenient. The machine is equipped with a power cord, plug, and play.
  • Fast Heat Dissipation: The variac variable transformer is designed with many small holes for heat dissipation when the machine is running. It can quickly and efficiently dissipate heat without excessive temperature, which will not damage the transformer.
  • Multiple Application: The variac transformer can be widely used in industries, scientific experiments, public facilities, and household appliances. It is suitable for home coffee roasting, motor speed control, and label printing machine, test for railroad switching, power supplies.

OCESTORE 4000W Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor Thermostat Controller AC SCR Speed Control Power Heat Regulator Voltage Motor Governor Dimmer Thyristor High-Power 110V-220V

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  • 【Voltage Regulation】premium upgrade Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor 100% brand new uses novel bi-directional high-power SCR.
  • 【Dimensions】premium Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor ismade of high quality material which can use for a long time.can achieve dimming, thermostats, pressure regulator effect.
  • 【SPECIFICATIONS】Maximum power: 4000W (resistive load limit power) Efficiency: 90% or more ,Working voltage: AC 220V ,Adjusting voltage: AC 10-220V .
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】Electronic Voltage Regulator can use to such as electric stove, water heater tune thermal, lighting dimmer, etc.solves the over current problem of the heating wire,It can be convenient adjust current up to 25A.
  • 【PACKAGE & SERVICE】Package Include: 1Pcs x Electronic Voltage Regulator Motor.Any question Pls fell free to contact us, we will reply you within 24H.And we offer a 12 month warranty.

Craftsman AC-0007 Compressor 4-Port Regulator

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  • This regulator is used on compressor
  • Regulator fits model number 745903
  • 5-Inch long, 4-Inch wide, and 2-Inch high
  • Package weight of this item is 2-Pound

Shuian AC 220V 10000W SCR Voltage Regulator Speed Control Driver Dimming Dimmer Thermostat Governing Temperature Governor Fan Motor Controller.

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  • Maximum Power10000W resistance load limit power, room temperature for a long time is recommended to be used within 5000W.
  • 0V to 220VAC (Adjust begin 20V), the chip is specially customized SCR, all high-voltage capacitors.
  • Double-layer circuit board design, Increase and thicken heat dissipation fin, stainless steel aluminum panel for multi-directional heat dissipation.
  • Can be used for lighting heat, such as electric stove, water heater air, rheostat, low speed of the engine Iron, Thermostat, and achieve dimming, thermostats, pressure regulator effect.
  • Practical to use, simple connection and rotary knob to control the voltage. The voltage regulator easy to use and no moving parts required

uyoyous 2000W Variable Transformer 0-130V Output ac Variable Voltage Converter Transformer 20Amp ac Variable Voltage autotransformer Regulator for Industries Equipment Appliances

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  • Secure & quality materiel - Built-in copper coil, more secure and durable.High efficiency and with no waveform distortion.
  • Details - Enclosed, non-isolated, Adjustable transformer, with Output Volt Meter.On/Off Power Switch(Lighted), 20A fuse & power cord.
  • Perfect speed controller - The variable transformer is a great device for quality control testing, equipment testing on low and high voltage, control over heat, speed, and more. And because a transformer doesn't chop up the AC waveform like electronic speed controllers do, there's no noise, humming, etc.
  • Power Specifications - Max. 1800VA for continuous use , is also to prevent damage from the transformer itself and the appliance being used.Input Voltage: AC 110V/60Hz,Output Voltage: AC 0-130V/60Hz or 130-0V
  • Widely applications - Suit for home coffee roasting,Motor Speed control,Label Printing Machine,EE Labs,Test for Railroad Switching, Power Supplies, Satellite,Equipment,Telecommunication Equipment.

Beleeb 20Amp Variable Transformer Auto AC Voltage Regulator Power Supply, 2000VA Max, 0~130 Volt Output

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  • a variable AC input to a transformer input DC bridge rectifier to produce a variable output
  • The adjustable voltage transformers does not convert AC to DC. It requires an AC input and the output is also AC. Also, the unit will not affect the cycle rate from the power company. If your power system is providing 60Hz, the Variac auto transformer will not change that, the ouput will be an undistorted 60Hz. This unit is rated up to 20 Amps or 2KVA Peak (16A Continous).
  • Power: 2000VA,Input voltage: 110V, Input current: 18A, Output voltage: 0-130V, Rated output current: 15.38A (Continuous operation for 2 hours,
  • This variable transformer is the perfect speed controller. The speed is infinitely variable, and because a transformer doesn't chop up the AC waveform like electronic speed controllers do, there's no noise, humming, etc.
  • If you're planning on using this as an "industrial" or bench-top supply with heavy loads, I'd recommend examining the brushes and adjusting the spring pressure on the windings. This can improve performance by reducing brush-contact sparking. Otherwise, this device is ready to work right out of the box.

Yonntech Auto Transformer 2000W 20Amp AC Variable Voltage Regulator 2000VA 0-130V Output Autotransformer 110V

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  • 2000VA variable voltage regulator input voltage: 110VAC / 60Hz. It is a contact voltage regulator with wide voltage range (0-130V).
  • The autotransformer with a exquisite rotating handle,comfortable grip and flexible operation, easy to control output voltage what you need.
  • The auto transformer is built-in good quality material copper coil, and with thermal grid design is more easy let the machine cool, more secure and durable.
  • This 2KW autotransformer be widely used in motor speed control, label printing machine, EE labs, test for railroad switching, power supplies, satellite, equipment, telecommunication equipment.
  • Please note that most device have surge (when first turn on) much higher than operating amp rating. E.g, motor with 10 amp rating may have over 20 amp surge, and you will need 20 amp transformer.

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